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KEY STRATEGIES CO. is a French consulting company that specializes in strategy and marketing, the company is based in Paris and operates in France and internationally. The main goal of KEY STRATEGIES CO. is to help companies to maximize their impact and performance in their markets. All our consulting services are tailored to fit with each project and defined constraints. The approach is based on an innovative methodology, aiming to create a short and long term advantage (hidden to the competition) for our partners and clients.

KEY STRATEGIES CO. develops solutions, to help companies and brands to build a successful future. ConquestAccelerator™ is part of those solutions.


KEY STRATEGIES CO. offers a set of services such as business analysis, strategic planning, teams trainings, organisation of ad boards, transformation of organizations.


KEY STRATEGIES CO. offers the possibility of externalizing marketing activities for organizations without dedicated internal capabilities or for mature brands.


ConquestAccelerator™ is a work methodology inspired by the Art of War and applied to brands and companies willing to maximize their impact and performance in their market
Business war games Competitor war games

KEY STRATEGIES CO. builds change for companies and brands with CONQUESTACCELERATOR™. The approach is a silent transformation of the teams’ spirit and ways of work. This innovative methodology aims to increase the impact of a company / brand strategy and its related actions through a better anticipation of the competition’s actions, with the ultimate goal to increase and sustain performance.


    • The development of dynamic competitors books containing their most relevant information • The organization of a business war game using matrices and templates developed by KEY STRATEGIES CO. • The participation of experts, in relationship with the matter, to inspire the teams • The establishment of clear recommendations and roadmap for a pragmatic roll-out • The follow-up of all the above adapted to each business and issues.


    • A sustainable transformation of the strategy and its operational implementation • An opportunity to build a new and more offensive spirit within the teams • An anticipation of the competition strategy and a more probable defeat in the market for them • A creation of a competitive advantage hidden to the competition • A maximization of the impact and an acceleration of the performance.

  • Steps to success

    Each implementation of CONQUESTACCELERATOR™ is tailored based on the defined internal and external challenges. The key steps are >>> • An investigation and research phase • A business war game workshop to establish the roadmap • A follow-up that integrates long-term transformation (war room)

  • Confidentiality

    KEY STRATEGIES CO. has a very strong confidentiality commitment. For more information, please contact us.

Our Team

Open attitude, Innovation, Technique, Reliability, Humanism
Yazid Kailali is the CEO and founder of KEY STRATEGIES CO. He is PharmD, he graduated from the pharmacy school Paris XI and has an MBA from ESSEC business school. After spending more than 15 years in the healthcare industry with roles in marketing and strategy in several international groups, he decided to launch a consulting firm that fits with today’s challenges: increasing competition and turbulences, need for externalization, continuous demand for performance…
Senior and Junior
KEY STRATEGIES CO. works with a network of consultants (senior and junior) from different backgrounds, and sharing the values of the group.
KEY STRATEGIES CO. works also with a network of experts who participate to the different projects, to inspire others thanks to their experience and life journey.


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